Can you feel the BEER Vibes?

     BV = Beer Vibes is an event last night organized by some of my marketing friends for their events major.  It was held at the Parallax Studios at Bakawan, Makati where they had the First Official Flip Cup League.  

     Flip Cup is actually a drinking game where you will, CHUG, SET and FLIP!  So much for that, the whole event will be posted soon here in my blog with all the mechanics and additional happenings we had throughout the night.  

     I was actually in school in the morning, so I just brought some extra clothes so I can change before I go the event itself.

This is My Outfit for Today:
1. H&M Spaghetti Top in White
2. Long Black Cardigan from Hong Kong
3. Cotton On Leopard Shorts
4. Oxford Wedges from JDC in Hong Kong

Random Accessories:
1. Black Tassle Necklace from Hong Kong
2. Tiger Silver Ring from Folded and Hung
3. Eye-Lip Connector Ring from Hong Kong
4. Silver Tassle Bracelet from a Bazaar
5. Tag Heuer Watch

JDC Two Tone Oxford Wedges
They are actually comfortable but it is kind of hard to wear because I don't use it much often so the leather is still kind of new.  

Thank You for Reading!
Stay Tuned for the Complete Event Info of BEER Vibes :)
Feel Free to comment, suggest or ask questions and maybe you can email me in :)

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  1. LOL! medyo ganito-ish rin yung suot ko today aliw!! :D you're so cute rin :D mga accessories mo sarap hiramin, haha! :) Careerin mo tong blog mo, really nice mga outfits mo ;)

  2. Thanks pausy! love you and miss you! ikaw din ah! i love your looks too! :) mwah!

  3. astig ng mga acces0ries m0! love your leopard print shorts as well! ^_^

    can we follow each others' blogs??? =)

  4. Thanks:) ok ill check out yours too!:)