Yes, It is Christmas...

November 24, 2011

     Time flies so fast!  Just last month, we were actually celebrating Halloween and now it is already the last week of November, and Christmas is near.  We only have 31 days to wait until Christmas come, so I am getting ready for Christmas Colors which are Red and Green! :)

This is my Outfit for the Day:
1. Zara sleeveless Dyed Top in Orange
2. Green Skinny Jeans from Bershka
3. Leather Belt from Random Stores in Hong Kong
4. Balenciaga Flats in Silver Gray
5. Longchamp Le Pliage Bag in Red

I actually entitled my post as "Yes, It is Christmas..." because I combined the two basic Christmas Colors which are  Red and Green.  Some people might think that these colors are not complimentary to each other, but to tell you honestly, I think they actually compliment as long as you will use each colors in different types of pieces. Like what I did in this outfit, the green color is in my pants and the red color is in my bag, which are really different types.  I do not suggest that you get a pop red top and pair it to a green jeans because I think that would really look awful.  Subtle and discreet combinations are better. 

This is my Balenciaga Flats in Silver Gray.  I really love the color since it compliments with dark jeans, bleached jeans and even colored jeans.  It is so versatile that you can pair it with anything.  

Note: In choosing the perfect color of flats or if you are torn with two or more colors but only want to buy one, I suggest you imagine it with different pieces in your wardrobe that you want to pair it with, with that you can actually imagine what will you wear more often and you buy that.  

Random Accessories for Today:
1. Babo Studded Brown Cuff in Rockwell Hip
2. Babo Orange with Silver details in Rockwell Hip
3. Dooney and Burke Watch - bought in Macau
4. Rock, Paper, Scissors Ring in Maple Hong Kong

I want some simple accessories for today since I'll be writing a lot of notes for school so I do not want to remove and put my accessories again and again. 

You can hype this look here!  

Thank You Guys for Reading!
Wait for my Next Posts! :)
See you again!



  1. Yah. It is kind of windy outside that's why my hair's like that. Sorry for that guys.