Last Stretch

November 25, 2011

     Corpo Day since I have a Speecom Persuasive Speech scheduled today and we need to wear our corporate attire for formality.  I am actually happy since this is the final speech that I will be doing in my Speecom Class and the term is officially over.

        Since I am a Marketing Major Student, it is a must that I have some nice business attires in my closet.  

This is my outfit for the day:
1. Essenxa Cotton Top in Pink
2. Samlin Printed Pencil Skirt
3. Zara Pink Pumps

REMEMBER, you should always be presentable in whatever you wear.  Try to experiment even if you are in your business attire.  This is actually what I did, the printed skirt is actually the highlight of my outfit and I just added a pop of color so it would not look boring.  

NOTE: I know that business attires are usually in neutral colors like black, brown, tan and such, but I also recommend to pick some bright colors to add some fun in your outfit and it won't look boring.  Business attires can be fun if you know how to mix and match colors, prints and designs.  

Simple accessories are always best for business attires like leather or metal watches, don't use rubber watches because it will ruin the formality of your look.  Regardless if it is silver, gold or bronze, what's important is you don't stack too much bracelets.  

Accessories for the day:
1. Starball Ring from Hong Kong
2. "X" Ring from Maple Hong Kong
3. Bracelets from Bazaars
4. Leather Watch from Laforet Hong Kong

Zara Fuschia Pink Pumps
Don't just limit yourself to black pumps, try to be unique by also having bright colored pumps in your closet.  Trust me, it will be useful when you are prepping for a black dresses or simple dresses, it will add edge to your simple outfit effortlessly.  

Now, you can rock and flaunt your business attire and feel sophisticated and at the same time fashionable.  Hope this simple post helped you guys. :*

Thank You Guys for reading :}
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