Street Foods in Prague

     Jidlo is how they call "food" in Czech language, which is the used language in Prague.  Prague is one of the places I visited when I had my Christmas vacation with my family.  So right now, I will be showing you some of the street foods that we tried when we were in Prague.

1. Roasted Chestnuts.  We got addicted to roasted chestnuts when we are in Prague.  Chestnuts in Prague are bigger and tastier plus it is newly roasted which is perfect for the cold weather.  This is just one of the street stores that sells chestnuts.

2. Flat Wafers.  This is one of the best things ever, this would be one of our favorites in Prague.  It has two flavors which are vanilla with hazelnut spread and chocolate with hazelnut spread.  It tastes like wafers but looks like a flying saucer.  This is definitely a must try.  

3. Gingerbread rolls.  There are various kiosks who sell Gingerbread in Prague and what makes it unique is that you can actually see how they do it, so they make sure that you will have fresh Gingerbread when you purchase one.  

4. Crepes.  They have long crepes in Prague, just like how you see in the top pictures.  We ordered ham and cheese flavor and it is so delicious but one order is kind of big for me, so me and my sister just shared.  They also have a lot of flavors that ranges from hot to cold crepes.  

Aside from these street foods, there are still a lot of food kiosks that you can see like stores who sell chocolate-dipped bananas, potato chips, ham and many more.  So when you go there, make sure to try these kinds of food.  This food market is located near the Astronomical Clock in Prague where you can also find stores that sell cheaper souvenirs compare to other established souvenir shops.  :}


  1. You've got a brilliant blog! Fantastic photos!!! Looking forward to your posts in 2012. Happy New year (albeit a few days

  2. Thanks white list!:) I already followed your blog!:) you got a nice blog too! Love it! Will be posting some updates regarding my trip, hope you can read my upcoming posts :) thanks again! Happy new year!