It's a good feeling when you got something really unique and extraordinary for yourself.  As for me, I love it when I see unique clothes that people will rarely buy but at the back of my mind all I can hear is "I want that piece! Oh no, I NEED to have that!" This is the exact feeling I had when I saw this top from random street stores in HK.  It's unique, fun and it only comes in one piece! JACKPOT! :) (well, it also comes in maroon color which will be available in The Urban Hour soon, but I always opt for neutral colors, that's why I had mine in black.)

Celine Estella wearing an uneven cut top and tribal shorts from The Urban Hour
Top from The Urban Hour Clothing    

Tribal shorts from The Urban Hour Clothing
Sorry for the few pictures, we were catching a movie :)
How about you? What are your great finds? Is it a vintage watch or maybe some unique shoes? 
Whatever it is I am sure that's one of your favorites! :)

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