Beer Vibes: The First Ultimate Flip Cup League

These are the simple instructions of the "Flip Cup Game" made by DLSU-M marketing students who organized the BEER Vibes event held at Parallax Studios on December 2,2011.  

This is how you Flip the cup, after you finish drinking the beer inside it.  

Some of the Major Sponsors: Boracay Rum and Texas Wild Chips
if you guys are fan of mexican style chips, you should try Texas Wild Chips, it's so good!

El Buono Pizza for the VIP of the event

 The Playing Area

A lot of people really want to win the 20,000 pesos, so they also have a practice area for the players and for those who want to join the last minute.

Let the Games Begin!!!
Winners from the "Flip Cup" Game

Aside from the Flip Cup, they also have a next game called the Powerhour, which is indeed EPIC!  This is a last man standing game where you will drink a half cup beer every minute for an hour, how wild is that right?!

People from Beer Vibes
Love You Flamae Uong! :)

Emman Sy, Kim Calulo, Danielle Javier and Sheena Tankeko

Kristiann Bonus, Phinney Siy, Arthur Go, Catherine Lu, Flamae Uong and Me

I love these Marketing People :)

Mark Ezparas Enjoying the event

Jerome Zablan, one of the organizers of the event

Danielle Javier and Kenzo Castillo

Sir Mond Vergara and His Wife. <3

Beautiful hosts of the event :)

Debbie Teodosio, Ida Golfo and Pau Del Prado who made this event possible

Cutest Diane Ang! :) Love you girl!

 Couple of the night: Flamae Uong and Emman Sy <3

Kenzo Castillo, his group is the second place in the Flip Cup game! :) 

 With my Flip Cup teammate, Trixie Odiamar! :)

Game Face: ON!

 Debbie Teodosio, one of the organizers of the event.  Congrats girl! :)

Janine King, part of the PKJ group who placed 3rd in the Flip Cup game! :)

Chesca Jimenez and Julio Fernandez, who are VIPs of the event.

Photograph by: Patrick V. Pique
This night was indeed epic, fun, and successful! This is the main reason why I love Marketing!
Cheers to Marketing and the Marketing People!
I love you guys!

Congrats to all the organizers of the Beer Vibes :)