Outfit for Today:
1. Topshop Spaghetti in White
2. Topshop Tank Top in Black
3. Phaya Paisley Pants, Phaya is a Brand from Hong Kong Located at Laforet, Causeway Bay
4. Rabeanco Body Bag, Rabeanco is a brand from Hong Kong

I usually wear this paisley pants for laid back days where I paired it with basics like a white top or neutral tank tops, but I also use this in summer days when I am at the beach where I pair it with a bikini top.  This paisley pants is actually all around as long as you use it in the right way.   

I love Rabeanco Bags!  They have a wide variety of bags from small to oversize bags.  Mostly, they sell quality leather bags in different colors and unique designs, so I really suggest that if you are planning to go to Hong Kong, check out this bag store.  You can find one in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.  

     Random Accessories:
1. Blue Cuff from Babo in Rockwell Hip
2. Colored Bangles from Greenhills Tiangge
3. Tiger Ring from Folded and Hung
4. Casio G-Shock Neon Yellow Watch
5. Feather Tassle Necklace from Hong Kong

Yehey for Flatforms! Always go for flatforms if you want to add height but still want to feel comfortable. I got mine in Hong Kong, but I think there are a lot of local stores here in the Philippines who are selling these kinds of shoes. 

Thank you guys for Reading!
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