Cold Sunday

     I have been feeling really cold today because of the continuous rainfall that started this morning, but even if it has been raining hard, we need to go out to have our Christmas shopping for the upcoming Christmas parties that will happen real soon, and I am really excited! 

     Because of the cold weather, I had a chance to pull out some of my sweaters, jackets and thick pieces but surprisingly I found my "trench-coat" like dress I got from Hong Kong.  

Outfit For Today:
1. Long Dress from Lamb - A Local Brand in Hong Kong
2. Leopard Flats shoes from Hong Kong
3. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

This dress is really made of thick materials, so I use it most often when I feel cold or it is kind of breezy outside.  I like the fact that the bottom of the dress has an uneven cut, I think that made the dress really look unique.

Random Accessories:
1. Deer Ring From DNA
2. Love ring from Accessorize
3. Gold stud connector ring from Maple Hong Kong
4. Teeth Bangle from Hong Kong
5. Stacked bracelets from Random Bazaars
6. Red analogue watch from Alessi

Leopard Flats

This Picture is taken from S&R, where my dad bought some giveaways for the Christmas Season. :)

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  1. Yeah! it was really raining hard yesterday but I also went to Megamall with my mom to shop! Nice dress, it looks good with your leopard shoes!

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  2. Hey hun, JUST stumbled across your blog and you've got some great taste!

    Following you now through bloglovin so keep up the great work (love the stacked on rings and that watch)!

    If you get a chance and you deem me worthy, could you maybe follow me back?!