Sunday Love

November 27, 2011

     Sunday Love.  I always love Sundays since I got to spend time with my family.  We usually watch movies in Rockwell and stroll inside the mall but since Christmas is near, we need to fill up our food closet with peppermint candies, Christmas themed cookies and many more, so today is grocery time at S&R.  

This is my Outfit for Today:
1. H&M Spaghetti Top in White
2. Bench Spaghetti Top in White - put under the H&M Spaghetti Top
3. Charlotte Russe Denim Shorts
4. Maldita Cardigan in Beige
5. Balenciaga Flats in Silver Gray
6. Longchamp Le Pliage in Red

Since I will be roaming around a big supermarket, I need to wear comfortable clothes that will get me throughout the day.  These pieces are perfect for any hectic schedules that you may have maybe it be movie day, dinner and many more.  
NOTE: When going to a supermarket, always wear flats or anything you feel comfortable wearing because you will be walking around the whole place to get finish and I am quite sure, you will not enjoy your grocery time if you are not wearing comfortable pieces.  

Bracelets (From Left to Right): Leopard Bangle from Hong Kong, Teeth Designed Gold Bangle from Hong Kong, Alessi Analogue Watch.

Rings: Guitar Connector Ring from Bazaar, Swarovski Designed Ring from People Are People

Necklace:  French Braid Necklace in Blue and Mustard from ExtremeFinds Co

Nails:  I opt for Tribal Nails for the week - Yellow Nail Polish with Red Orange Tip, topped with black "tiger-like" designs.  

With my Lovies, Angel and Anne.  I love you Girls! :)

Thank You Guys for Reading! :)
Till the next post ok? :)
Feel Free to Comment and Suggest, because it will be highly appreciated. :)
Have a Nice Day Guys!

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  1. very cute :) love the outfit !
    im following your blog be happy if you follow mine too :) have a good day dear

    april xoxox

  2. Already did dear :) Thank you so much for following :)