Tie It Up!

November 28, 2011

     No classes today since we have a free cut in my one and only class on Mondays and Thursdays, but because I am always bored when I am just inside the house, I decided to stroll with my friend Patrick in the mall where we window shopped and had lunch.  I didn't get anything for me but Patrick got two basic shirts in Light Pink and Dark blue from Bench priced at 549.50 pesos only! It is really a good deal and they have a lot of available colors and sizes, these basic shirts are best for school days.  So for guys, I suggest you check out any Bench or Bench Body stores to get this nice deal, though I am not really sure when this promo will last. :)

This is my Outfit for the Day:
1. Top with Uneven Sleeves and Tiger Print, got from a thrift store
2. Topshop Tank Top in White
3. Leggings with Denim Prints from Greenhills Tiangge
4. Ribbon Flats with Leopard prints Flatforms from Mossy Hong Kong

Tie It Up! This top is really not tied when I bought it, it is actually a simple top that is little bit longer than a basic tee, but the length of it cuts unevenly that it does not look good, so to solve that, I just tied it up and put a tank top inside to add contrast.  

I usually do this trick when I don't like the cut of the top for me, or when the bottom of the shirt is too big. You can actually try this in different tees or baggy shirts that you have, so you won't have to throw it all away.   

Random Accessories:
1. Stud Connector Ring from Maple Hong Kong
2. Skull Gold Ring from Maple Hong Kong
3. Dyed Beaded Bracelet from Greenhills Tiangge
4. Blue Cuff from Babo in Rockwell Hip
5. Alessi analogue watch in Red
6. French Braid Necklace in Blue and Mustard from ExtremeFinds Co

Mossy Flatforms
One of my favorites! It is unique, comfortable and at the same time it adds height (I really need this because I am only 5'3").  I got this from Mossy in Hong Kong, specifically in Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.  

 Thank You Guys for Reading! 
Till the next post ok?
See You Again guys! :)
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