Dramatic Bridal Make Up by Celineestella

Hello guys! I just want to share some sneak peek of what I have been doing lately.  I am actually busy with Make Up Classes and aside from that, I just had my Graduation last Saturday! Finally!!! Anyways, I will be uploading graduation pictures soon.  For now, I will be sharing some pictures of some recent looks that I did in my make up class. :)

This is Dramatic Bridal Look.  Not the usual bridal look for Filipina Brides because of its intensity, but it can be used in themed weddings like Arabian or Indian Themed Weddings.  It is also considered as an introduction for us for high fashion make up. :)



I used bright and contrasting colors to highlight the intensity.  Colors used are Shimmery Light Blue, Fuchsia Pink and Dark Violet.  

So what do you think of this make up look? :)
Hope you like it guys!
Feel free to comment guys!

Much love,
Celineestella :)