Nordsee Restaurant in Vienna

     If you love seafood, then Nordsee is the best place where you can get delicious seafood without the wait.  Nordsee is a fastfood store that only sells seafood like lobsters, big-sized shrimps, fish and many more.  We ate at Nordsee when we were in Vienna, and I think they are famous because almost all of their restaurants are full and you have to wait to get a seat.  

Mushroom Fish with Steamed Vegetables.

Shrimps with Fried Rice (Sorry for that, we are so hungry! haha!)

Shrimp Pops with Mayo Dip

Their saucer is so cool, it is like a cone, you can actually eat it! :)

There are still a lot of different kinds of dishes you can choose from.  They also have salads and you can also choose your own sidings. :)