Lunch and Dinner in Prague :)

     December 26 is my sister's, Rose Angelica, birthday, so we celebrated it with a good lunch and nice dinner.  So this is my ever beautiful sister Rose Angelica Estella on her 18th birthday :)
Belated Happy 18th Birthday my lovely sister! :) I love you!

Lunch at Cafe Victoria
 Chicken Chop :)

Pork Ribs :) 

 Capricciosa Pizza! Yum! 

Dinner at Black Angel's Cafe (near the Astronomical Clock in Prague)
 Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potatoes

 Beef Tenderloin :)

 Mixed Pork Grill, I actually can't remember all kinds of pork, but it is indeed delicious :)

Besides the food, we definitely had fun because of the memories that we had together.  Belated Happy Birthday again Angel, we love you! :)