Mac Real Sexy Collection Launch (June 3, 2012)

Hello guys! This is actually a late post because the MAC Real Sexy Collection Launch happened last two weeks ago.  Anyways I still want to share it to you guys, I really love the MAC Real Sexy Collection and I am sure you guys will love it too! They have two or four eyeshadow palettes that really matches together, unique colored lip shades and many more.  Aside from the Real Sexy Collection Launch, we also have a free workshop from MAC that showed us the beauty of this new collection.  

Outfit that day
Top from Archeology, Rockwell
Shorts from Archeology, Rockwell
Flats from Tory Burch
Bag from Gucci

Love the design of her cropped top.  Top from H&M

My Cool Dad and Mom :)

Mac Workshop

Day Make Up Using Eyeshadow Palette from MAC Real Sexy Collection

Night Make Up Using MAC Real Sexy Collection

So cool right? I really learned a lot and I really had fun from that MAC Workshop.  Another thing I really love about MAC is that they give free items in every workshop.  When you reach a minimum of 3500PHP worth of MAC products, you will get a free stuff from MAC like eyeliner, mascara and such.  I actually got about 2 -3 free items from that workshop. LOL! 

What do you think of my outfit that day?:)
Hype it now guys!
Thank you so much for reading!

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