Going Versace

     Don't you love the Versace Collection? It's chic, fun and casual but since it's designer clothes, it really costs a lot of money.  Good thing, there are inspired ones. (I am just being realistic, clothes and trends fade, so we shouldn't splurge so much on that.) 

     So I got this Versace inspired top from The Urban Hour Clothing. It also comes in dresses so I really love it and it only cost me around 450 PHP! Definitely a catch! :) 

Celine Estella wearing a Versace Inspired Top from The Urban Hour
Top from The Urban Hour Clothing

Celine Estella wearing a black shorts she got from tiangge
Shorts from Tiangge

Celine Estella's unique leather studded slips she got from Hong Kong
Shoes from Hong Kong

 Notice that I already did a high bun on my hair? I love doing that when I feel that I am having a bad hair day.  It always saves the day plus it helps me go through the sunny weather outside. :)

How about you? What do you think of inspired clothes? Are you a fan or not? :)
Have a good day guys!
Thanks for reading!:)