Day 2 - Prague

     Just landed at Prague this morning.  Too bad it is Christmas Eve here so almost all of the shops are close but we still have time to roam around the place tomorrow.  Anyways, Merry Christmas to all of you guys! It is past midnight in the Philippines but it's just around 7 pm here, and we already had our own family Christmas Dinner.  :)

Marks and Spencer Heat Generating Long Sleeves in Black
Terranova V-neck Long Sleeve in White
Terranova Turtle Neck Long Sleeve in White
Marks and Spencer Heat Generating Leggings in Black
Sleeveless coat from Hong Kong
Denim Leggings from Greenhills Tiangge

Calliope Leg Warmers
Beige Boots from Hong Kong

Terranova Purple Bonnet

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)
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Thank you guys! Mwah! :)