Last Day as a Teen :)

     This week is officially the "apply-for-a-job" week.  I am taking my OJT and thesis this term, so all of us are kind of busy passing our resumes to different companies.  Fortunately, my group will have our very first job interview tomorrow, so good luck to us! :)  Well, on the other hand, it is my birthday tomorrow (not really connected, Sorry!), and I will be officially 20 years old :)

     So much for tomorrow, let's talk about what happened today.  Well, I spent the whole day with Patrick where we had a mini street-food trip and just played with his little cousin Rafael :)

H&M Spaghetti Top in White
Denim Vest from Hong Kong
Cotton On Leggings

Sandals from A&S - Hong Kong Brand
I like this sandals because of its unique design.  I also see some shoe stores in the Philippines having the similar style but they usually have limited colors like black and brown.

Vintage Wooden Bracelet with pictures of Saints - I got this from Budapest when we visited St. Stephen's Cathedral.  I always wear it because my dad said it can serve as my rosary :)
"I am Loved" cuff from The Bead Shop
Lambretta Silver Watch

Some of the pictures with Patrick's little cousin, Rafael :)
His Solo Picture after Patrick fixed his hair. Such a Cutie! :)

 Pictures with Patrick
HAHA! Chipmunks! :)

And, tried Patrick's summer-ish hat <3

Thanks for Reading!
Just want to say good luck to all of us who are still looking for some companies to apply for OJT.  We can do this guys! :)

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