Nail Up!

     I am so addicted to matte nail polish right now, so I have been looking for some nail stores that sell matte nail polish that are not that expensive.  I saw one in Dashing Diva in Beauty Bar but it costs 450 pesos.  Luckily, my sister found out about this small kiosk that mainly sells different kinds of nail polish.  They sell from normal nail polish to matte kinds and they have various colors to choose from.  One nail polish can costs from 80 pesos to 250 pesos, so much cheaper than what I saw in Dashing Diva.  The nail store is called "Nail Up."

     I bought like 4 matte nail polish in different colors.  I will be featuring them one by one soon.  Anyways, this is the first one that I decided to try.  There is no specific color name but you can see it because they have samples in their nail kiosks.  It is gold-ish brown color and it looks like sand.  I applied two coat and had a matte natural top coat.

 "BLUE PLACE" is the brand of the matte nail polish and it costs 150 pesos.  They also have another brand of matte nail polish that is only 120 pesos.  You can choose from their samples and they will also let you try it, so you can see if it is nice or not. :)

Aside from matte nail polish, they also sell cracked nail polish, if you guys are into that style.  They also sell normal kind of polish and tools for nail art, if you are interested in doing your own nail art. :)  

You can find a Nail Up store in Robinsons Ermita Manila, just across Bench and I know there is one in Trinoma.  I am not sure about all of their branches, but I am quite sure you can see them immediately because of the products that they sell.

Hope this is helpful :)
Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 
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