5 Ways to Wear Your Scarves

     I've always love scarves.  I consider it as an accessory specially when I am too lazy to dress up because scarves can easily pump up your "plain tee" look.  These are just some simple ways to style your scarves.

      These are just some photos of how it will look like after the whole process.  You can simply check out  how I did all of these looks at my YouTube video.  Just visit this link: 5 ways to wear your scarves! :)

1. Magic Trick

2. Braid

3. Pull and Twist

4. The Infinity

5. The Fake Knot

Honestly, I am a newbie here and I only know a few styles, but I hope these can be helpful for you guys.  Thanks for reading! Don't forget to watch my video guys!!! :)

Thank you so much! :)