This is actually a late post because I wore this outfit last Sunday.  I am having a hard time blogging lately because I am already working in my dad's office this summer.  Hopefully, I can learn a  lot from my dad's business. :)

      Anyways, I wore this when we watched Battleship in Power Plant Mall.  To those who haven't seen Battleship, don't dare miss it! The movie was epic and amazing plus Rihanna (my all time favorite singer) is one of the lead casts of the movie.  You should watch it! :)

Dress from Cocomo Hong Kong - worn as a top
Satin shorts from thrift shop
Burberry Flats

The Dress was really short so I just decided to tuck it in.  
Necklace from a thrift shop

What do you think of my look? :)
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Much Love,
Celineestella :)