Lazy Wednesdays

November 30, 2011

     Today has been indeed a stressful yet productive day for me.  Since there will only be 2 weeks before finals week, deadlines are already making me pressured to do all of my papers on time.  It was actually a holiday but I spent it with my group mates doing paper works and researches which will all be due the next week.  I am actually drained maybe because I was writing papers almost the whole day and I am quite sure my group mates are also drained too, yet we are still happy because we have done a lot today making it a little easier for us for the next days to come.  

This is my Outfit for the Day:
1. White Long Back Tee from a thrift shop
2. Splattered Leggings from Hong Kong
3. Balenciaga Flats in Silver Gray
4. Longchamp Le Pliage in Mustard 

Since we will be doing a lot of brainstorming today, I really need comfortable clothes that will actually help my brain to process faster and better (believe it or not, sometimes my clothes can actually affect how I feel and think throughout the day.)  In these kind of days, I usually suggest to opt for leggings since you can move around freely with it, that is actually the best part with leggings compare to skinny jeans that will actually control your blood flow.  

Random Accessories:
1. Rock Paper Scissors ring from Maple in Hong Kong
2. Dyed Beaded Bracelet from Greenhills Tiangge
3. Orange cuff with Steel Detail from Babo from Rockwell
4. Beaded Bracelets from a Bazaar
5. Alessi Analogue Watch in Red

Balenciaga Flats:  All Time Favorite.  

For meetings, school works and informal seminars, it is always good to wear flats since we are aiming for comfortable pieces that will actually help us to focus more on concentrating and not complaining about our painful feet or such. 


This is actually the large size of Longchamp Le Pliage in Mustard Color.  Yes, it is big, actually it is more of a travelling bag, but still, lazy days make me bring big bags so I can easily put anything without even arranging it inside my bag.  Just a suggestion, if you want to bring a big bag be sure that it won't look empty, just put ample important things that you need throughout the day.  But be careful not to bring excess things that will make your big bag look puffy, because surely you wouldn't want to bring a heavy bag and making you bag full can make people think that you will travel or what.  

Long Back Design:  This is why I love this tee even if it is simple.  It has a long back having an uneven length compare to the front side.  With the long back, you can actually use it in leggings so your butt won't show.  

Thank You Guys for Reading!
Till the Next Post ok? :)
Have a Nice Day!

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