Day To Night

November 29, 2011

    There have been a number of events this month since I have some close friends who organized events for one of their electives.  Last night, it was actually a Tuesday but the next day is a holiday, so it wouldn't hurt if we party a little, right?  And this is actually a simple way to show some support to my Vietnam Buddies.  

     "Spectrum: Show Your Color" is the name of their event held at Toyz at The Fort Strip.  Their main concept is a color coded party that will show your current social status.  Complete event will be featured on my upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

     Since it was a weekday, I have classes in the morning until the late afternoon then I just headed straight to the party after I finished all of my classes.  

Day To Night:  You can actually do this so you don't have to bring a lot of stuffs with you especially if you will be in school or work in the morning.  In this outfit, I only brought my shorts, heels and additional accessories to pump up my look and this made me lessen the load of carrying a heavy bag.  


  Day Outfit:
1. Maple from Hong Kong Polo in White
2. Polka Dot Tank Top from a thrift shop
3. Denims from a random store in Hong Kong
4. Balenciaga Flats in Silver Gray

Night Outfit:
1. Same Top
2. Denims changed into Denim Shorts
3. Flats Changed into Red Wedges
4. Additional Accessories

Rings: For rings, I only removed the Paper, Rock, Scissors Ring and replaced it with A Brown Gem Ring (from People are People) and Skull Ring (from a bazaar).


Bracelets:  I added some gold stacked bangles to add more edge.  Always remember that accessories are very important whenever you will attend events because they are the ones who will usually boost up your whole look.  But be careful not to over-accessorize because this will also ruin your look.  

Additional Necklaces:  Feather Necklace (from Babo) and Studded Necklace (from Karimadon)

Thank You Guys For Reading!
Stay Tuned for the Complete event info about Spectrum!
See You Again!

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