24 Days To Go.

December 1, 2011

     Happy December everyone! 24 days to go and it is finally Christmas, and I am so excited for some of the upcoming Christmas parties that will happen this month.

     Just this afternoon, I went with my mom to apply for an NBI clearance in Robinsons Manila, Ermita.  The whole process of applying is not that long but all the employees there are not accommodating that made me pissed off in some way, it seems like they don't want what they are doing.  Well anyways, it was still not that hassle and I'll be back the next week to get my NBI clearance.

This is my Outfit for the Day:
1. Anne Kelly Semi Maxi Dress - Anne Kelly is a brand in Singapore
2. Mossy Ribbon Flats - Mossy is a brand in Hong Kong

Most people find this dress weird but I really like it because it is unique and comfortable.  Since I will just apply for something, this is perfect because it is simple but at the same time eye-catching enough to stand out from the crowd.  

Orange Ribbon Flats from Mossy.

Mossy store is Located at Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui and Laforet in Causeway Bay.

Random Accessories:
1. French Braid Necklace from ExtremeFinds 
2. Snake Bracelet from Bazaars
3. Stud Connector Ring from Maple Hong Kong
4. Thin Watch from Laforet Hong Kong

REMEMBER:  Before you go out, always wear a smile because that's what makes us all beautiful :)

Thank You guys for reading!
Till the next post ok? :)
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