Mom-Daughter Wednesdays

November 23, 2011
     I love Wednesdays for the fact that I don't have school because of the new schooling schedule system of DLSU, but also for the reason that Wednesdays means bonding time with my mom.  We usually go to malls to window shop and such which is actually our usual bonding but now we decided to just have coffee and talk about different stuffs like life issues, "chismis" and events to come. I love my mom and she is actually my bestest friend.  So this is actually a happy day for me, happy enough to draw me away from my other problems.

This is my outfit for the day:
Paradox See Thru Top in Black - Paradox is a local brand in Hong Kong
Black Bra from Lady Grace
Bleached Denims bought in Hong Kong Random Street Stores in Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Leopard Printed Belt bought in Hong Kong [you can not actually see it in this picture]
Leopard Printed Flats
Longchamp Le Pliage in Red [you can order online in]

Note For Girls:  If you are having a hard time finding the perfect strapless bra that will be exact for you, try to visit any Lady Grace bra stores.  It is not that expensive, unlike Wacoal or Triumph, but it carries good quality bras for everyday use.  Lady Grace stores can be found in any department stores like Robinson's or SM. I got mine in SM Department Store. 

Random Accessories:
Natural Leather Colored Cuff from Babo in Rockwell Hip
Gold "Teeth" Designed Bangle from Hong Kong [with the leather cuff]
Stud Connector Ring from Maple Hong Kong
Thin Watch from Laforet Hong Kong
Stacked Beaded Brown bracelets from Cotton On
Random Beaded Bracelet from Greehills

Is she the cutest thing ever?
Aside from the fact that are flats and they are absolutely comfy, it has my fave print which is Leopard.  I chose to wear this to make my simple outfit turn into more edgy one where I also added the red Longchamp to have some pop of color in my outfit.

Details of my Top:
You might think that it is kind of daring for you to actually wear this kind of top, but I decided to do this because I tried it with a white tank top on but this actually ruined my outfit,  so I decided to just have a black bra on.  I really don't suggest to put on colored bras inside since it would just make your whole look "cheap" and I know you guys wouldn't like that.  So my suggestion to these kinds of top is that:

1. You try it on with your tank top.  If your top is black like this one, and you really can't stand having just a bra on or you want to wear it in school, go with tank tops in popping colors like yellow, neon green or neon pink because this will make the details of your top more visible.  
REMEMBER: Popping Colors are ONLY for Tank Tops not bras.

2.  If you think that you can go with just a bra on, then stay with neutral colors like skin tone colored bras, dark grey and black.  But I always go for the black one because I always think that black adds more class to the daring outfit making it more subtle. 

So today I had a simple look:
For my Hair, I did a lazy bun since I really had a bad hair day today.

For my make up, these are the things that I used:
1. MAC Studio Fix Press Powder in NC25
2. Guerlain Pearl Smooth Primer - I used this before I put on my make up and after make up to look fresh.
3. Stilleto Mascara by Maybelline
4. Nyx Round Lipstick in Perfect
5. Chapstick in Cherry to moisturize my lips throughout the day
6. Benefit Blush in Dandelion

My New IPhone4 Case
Just want to share my new IPhone Case.  I got this when the whole family went to HK just the first week of November.  I love the color and the quality.
If you want one, I think you can actually buy online.  They also have Blackberry Leather Cases, just visit

Guys Thank You for Reading :*
Stay Tuned for my next posts. 
See you again :}
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