The Scarf Therapy

     Scarves are versatile.  You can use it summer when you are wearing your shorts and tank top, use it in cold days to make you feel warm and sometimes use it as a hair accessory.  I have a number of scarves because I also use it to put some edge to my outfit especially when I am really lazy to think of what to wear.  Here are some different ways to wear your scarf.  

Number 1:  "The Basic"

Number 2: "The Necklace" - This is my Favorite. 

Number 3: "Ribbon"

Number 4: "Just tie it" - you can also do a double knot to make it shorter.

Number 5: "The Knot" - I usually use this style in cold weathers.

These are just some of the simple styles for everyday use but you can always experiment and be more creative with scarves.  There are actually no limitations and it will still depend on how you like to wear it. :)

Thank You guys for reading :)
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