I have one pair of loafers I got from Satchi Store which is basically a gift from Patrick, I decided to wear them today because it is so comfortable and is perfect for school.  

Green Printed Vest from a thrift store
Pimkie Dark Blue Jeans

This is my Kochi Loafers from Satchi Store in Red.  This one is very comfortable plus I really like the color and its classic design. :)

 "Feels like sneakers, looks like flats" is the tagline of Satchi Shoe Store and indeed they live up to that.  They have various designs and one of that is what I currently have right now which are the kochi loafers.  It is available in three colors.  

 "Yurin Snakeskin" is also one of my favorites, and I am planning to buy it soon! I love it because of its texture and simple color that I think is perfect in skinny denims. 

 "Vivi Captoe" that is a two toned designed flats.

 "Nala Loafers" is also similar to the style of Kochi Loafers but has a leopard print design. :)

"Shimi Flats" is one of their new styles.  It comes in three colors which are gold, silver and shiny black. :)

They still have a number of designs like the Akita Moccasins and Obirin Oxfords.  You can simple check out their website or like their Facebook page here :)

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