The Urban Hour.

     Its really been a while since I blogged and I miss it!  Honestly, I've been really busy attending countless interviews, applying for a job and also helping out in my dad's office but apart from that I am also busy with my new online store called "The Urban Hour."  I am super excited about this and It just started last month! :) I already released The Urban Hour's First Men Collection and the First Accessories Collection.  Here are some of them: 

I will be releasing the Women's Collection soon, so wait for it! :)

I just want to say thank you to my dearest friend Marian Loren Ortiz who helped me with the logo and oh, for blogging about it!!! :) I really love it Marian :) Thank you, Mwaaah!

Check out her blog here:

and of course, don't forget to check out The Urban Hour's Website :)

So what do you think about it guys? :) I really want to know your comments!! :)
If you want to order or ask me anything, just PM me in the Urban Hour's Website or simple send me an SMS: +639228920112 :)
Anyways, thank you for reading this! Mwaaah!

Much Love,

Celineestella :)