Sunday Errands

     Today was kind of a long day for me.  Well, I woke up early in the morning for an early morning jog with my mom, sisters and my boyfriend.  Honestly, we can jog inside our village but we love the feeling of travelling and having breakfast outside after a good jog.  We went to the seaside part of Mall of Asia and had our brekky at Max's.  
      Unfortunately, my mom forgot something at Max's and realized it when we were home already, but since me and Patrick have plans, we decided to get it after we rest and fix ourselves.  

     Wore this cute little printed dress from The Urban Hour  at the mall to buy some food for my mom and also to get what we left from Max's.  The dress is actually a new collection that will be released this coming week, so don't miss it! :)

Dress from The Urban Hour
Leather slip ons from Rabbit in Hong Kong
Leather bag from The Secret Garden

     Sorry for the few pictures of this blog post but I really hope you like it :)
Don't forget to watch out for the new collection of The Urban Hour, they have great finds!!! 
Thank you guys!! :)

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