I Got You

     I got LSS-ed with this song by Leona Lewis entitled "I Got You".  My sister asked me a favor to make a dance for her and his partner since they will be the muse and escort for their HS Sportsfest and this is one of the songs that they will dance.  Doing all of these makes me miss my High School Days! :)  Actually, I've known this song from So You Think You Can Dance Video in YouTube.  This song was used by Melanie and Marko.  I am so in love with that pair! :) You should check their video out! :)

     On the other hand, I so love sets right now.  Its like ternos with same prints for both the top and the shorts.  I got mine from The Urban Hour Online Store. You should go and check their collections out! :)

Random Accessories from Europe and The Urban Hour Clothing

Vintage watch from Hong Kong :)

So what are the songs that usually play in your mind over and over again? :)
Don't forget to check out The Urban Hour's Collection! They just released their first vintage set just like what I am wearing in this blog post :)

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